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InOn Health Uses Big Data to Make Population Health Communication More Effective

Logan Plaster interviews Kaakpema 'KP' Yelpaala on their new brand launch.

Kaakpema "KP" YelPaala is a man of two cultures. His family is from Ghana, but he was born and raised in the United States, in Wisconsin. Navigating between these two worlds taught KP two important things. The first was the need for greater access to high-quality healthcare – the level of care you receive shouldn’t depend on where you’re born. The second was the power of clear, contextual communication. To address these two problems, KP founded a company called, which joined StartUp Health in 2017. They use big data to help healthcare providers communicate more effectively with entire patient populations, often over text messages. After seeing success with the platform in Africa, KP and his team have brought their product and learnings to the United States under a new brand they just launched called InOn Health. The interview covers the brand launch and how COVID sped up the need for data-driven healthcare communication.



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